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All children, regardless of a family's income, should have the right to hear, learn, and reach their fullest potential.

Sign the petition

Hearing Aid Insurance Coverage for Children PETITION:

Do you support the passage of legislation which outlines the inclusion of a hearing aid benefit coverage for children through your health insurance provider? Show your support and sign the petition. Click here.

contact legislators

Call, Write, or Visit Your Members of Congress:

Call, write or visit your members of congress and request that legislation be established and passed so that private insurance companies offer coverage for medically-necessary hearing aids for children 18 years of age or under. To help you get started, talking points and sample letters have been provided, modify accordingly.

Click here for talking points.

Click here for sample letters.

spread the word

Print and Share L.S.C.H. Campaign Materials:

Print and share these flyers, newsletter, and brochure with any and everyone to get the word out about LSCH. For example, share copies with your doctor’s office, work place lounge, hospitals, and churches to name a few.

Brochure: Advocacy Brochure

Flyer: Legislative co-sponsorship flyer.